My adventure started with a passion for designing clothes, but I also had an undeniable longing for the ocean. And therefore, in my pursuit of happiness, I knew I needed to fuse my way of life with work. I wanted to find a way to support women like me – women who wanted to surf, SUP, dive, do yoga, swim, and play beach volleyball. So, along the way, I spoke to many women, and the one thing we all had in common was that our surf and activewear didn’t suit our needs. Until now. 

Gone are the days of us being scared in the surf because our teeny-tiny bits are always on the brink of flying loud and proud. At Zealous, we believe surf bikinis and sportswear need to offer the best possible fit and comfort by staying put in the surf and during outdoor activities. 

The Beginning


To be a creative person, you need to live a creative life – a thought that I have carried with me since I can remember. I always loved arts and crafts, and from a young age, I took to beading my own jewelry, printed on old t-shirts, sewed, and even decorated tops with bits and bobs from around the house.

I was obsessed, and after graduating, I asked my grandma to teach me to knit as I wanted to make a beanie for my friend as a birthday present. I wrote 'Zealous' on a small label and sewed it onto the garment for fun. That was it – simple – and all my friends at the party were nagging me for a beanie of their own. 

Why Zealous?


Zealous /ˈze-ləs/ means to be filled with or be inspired by intense enthusiasm.

It is for women who live life to the fullest. Women who dare to be brave no matter what. It is for the female surfer chasing waves on trips around the world and her home break, for the graceful yogi longing for supportive yet sustainable leggings and tops, and the adventurer who roams from jungle to jungle finding mesmerizing waterfalls and views. Because if there is one thing that rings true – when a woman is comfortable, she will radiate in whatever she does.

No stopping us anymore. Let’s get out there girls!



My studies in Textile Engineering in Hamburg opened new doors, offered textile and manufacturing knowledge, and the opportunity to discover Bali via a semester abroad. Bali piqued my interest, and I knew I had some business here. I simply couldn’t leave. So, I left the wintery beanies behind and shifted focus to street and surf swimwear. Apart from my wish to work with the finest fabrics and workforce, I wanted to offer an authentic product – created by me as a woman and surfer. 

Yes, as women, our surfing and active needs differ, and as I was living the life of a female surfer, I could design and create products that support our femme journey. That’s why Zealous caters for and supports women. Let’s live it up together. 

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