A big thanks to all of you who supported our All Is Swell Campaign in December 2017. For each All Is Swell Sweatshirt sold, we donated 15€ to Soul Surf Project Bali which funds surf lessons for Bali’s orphans!. Last week we handed over the donations at Kuta Beach just before a surf lesson with the kids startet!

The kids are stoked and motivated to improve their surfing and to learn more about environmental awareness. Soul Surf Project Bali makes it possible that their future might look brighter than they once thought. Surfing can change life in Bali: as it’s one of the main tourist attractions, it’ll make it much easier for them to find jobs in the tourism industry.

So here we go again, THANK YOU!

By the way: We are planning to become a 1% for the Planet member this year and will continue to support Soul Surf Project Bali. 🙂

ALL IS SWELL Christmas Campaign

This December Zealous has launched the ALL IS SWELL Christmas Campaign. For every ALL IS SWELL Sweater sold in December, Zealous will donate 15 Euros to the Soul Surf Project Bali.

The beautiful burgundy colored Sweater with high-quality embroideries will therefore not only warm you on cold winter days but also warm your heart and especially the hearts of children in Bali.


The non-profit organization soul surf project Bali brightens up the life of underprivileged children by teaching them our favorite sport: Surfing! The project was founded in 2007 after Rodney Westerlaken volunteered in a Balinese orphanage and discovered the harsh and poor conditions the kids were living in. When he found out that they had never experienced the most famous sport in Bali, he decided to found Soul Surf Project to provide the kids with lessons in surfing, swimming and environmental awareness. As surfing is the most promoted sport on the island, kids who know how to surf have better chances to find a job in the future. Furthermore, surfing suggests a healthy, happy and environmental conscious lifestyle. Next to swimming and surfing, the kids learn about recycling, how to release baby sea turtles and participate in beach clean-ups.

Find out more about the soul surf project here.

Q&A with Rodney (founder of the soul surf project)

The soul surf project is now running since 2007. What is it that motivates you most to keep going and even grow the impact you are making?

“The answer to that is very simple: big smiles 🙂 Those smiles assure us that we are able to make a difference and with that difference create a platform for a better and sustainable future for those kids joining the program.”

You provide the kids with lessons in swimming, surfing and environmental awarenes. What do you think is the most important thing they learn during the project and does the project have an impact beyond the time they are participating!

“Mostly thats the environmental impact. There are kids starting trash programs, separating waste in orphanages, starting kitchen gardens, making things from trash to sell. For some (older) kids it also means a chance for a future, we have kids that are now grown ups working as surf instructors or surf photographer.”

Can you tell us about one of the kids who made an outstanding progress with the soul surf project?

“The perfect example is Dani, a Balinese girl who used to live in an orphanage with her sisters. She used to have no future due to her back handicap, but a big dream to be photographer. We found out when she joined our swimming program, for her as a way of physiotherapy. Together with RipCurl we created an internship for her to learn photographing. She did an awesome job and within 3 months became house photographer at RipCurl. With that we were able to take her out of poverty and to make her dream, despite her handicap, happen!”


Zealous does not want to spread good vibes to the customers only but to everyone involved in the production. This month Zealous goes a step further by spreading good vibes to underprivileged children living on our beloved island. Thank you for helping us to give back by buying the ALL IS SWELL Sweatshirt!