Get ready for your summer surf!

Your next surf trip is getting closer and closer but your landlocked winter body is a little stiff and out of training? Or do you simply need some inspiration for your daily workout? Either way, we know exactly how you feel!

Luckily, we are currently having our good friend Katja visiting us here on this beautiful island. Katja is not just working with us on Zealous as part of her Clothing Engineering studies, but she is also super fit as she’s a fitness trainer in several gyms in Hamburg and Berlin. Together, we had some great workouts at the beach in the morning. Inspired by those fun and sweaty sessions, we decided to put together a few of our favorite exercises that will help to make you fit for summer and improve your surfing.

The following seven exercises are a fusion of a classic workout and yoga. We divided them into 7 parts which focus on two different things: The first four exercises are core strengthening practices with three levels of difficulty. Whether you do all three variations depends on your own fitness level. If you don’t know which level of difficulty you should choose, just start with the easiest one and you’ll feel which one is right for you. Try to improve every time you work out, increase the repeats and/or the duration.

The following three exercises will stretch all muscle groups you worked on before and will help you to get more flexible. Let’s go!









The base for our workout is the plank pose which builds core strength. It focuses on your back, arms and shoulders and will help to improve your posture and therefore your surfing.

In the first step you just hold the plank for 30 seconds.

! Make sure that your hands are in line with your shoulders and that your whole body is tense.

If this seems too easy, bend your left knee and bring it to your chest. Hold this pose for another 15 seconds. Change the side and do the same with your right leg.

In the third variation you bring your left knee to your chest again and cross it to the right. Rotate your waist and bring your left knee to your right elbow. Hold this so-called Caterpillar plank for another 15 seconds. Now change sides.


Starting from plank position, lift your right arm up and turn your body to hold the side plank.

! Make sure that your hands are in line with your shoulders, that your upper body is upright, that your hips don’t move forward and your abs are tensed!

Make sure the outer edge of your foot is stable and your weight is on your left foot and arm. Your right arm should be in line with your left arm, fingers pointing towards the sky. Hold the side plank for 30 seconds and then change sides.

If you want to bring your plank to the next level, lift your upper leg until it’s parallel to the ground. Hold this pose for at least 15 seconds, if you want to make it a bit harder you can move the leg up and down. Change the sides and repeat the exercise.

Still not challenging enough for you? There you go: Start again with lifting your upper leg but then bend your knee and bring your knee and your elbow together. Once again, hold this pose for at least 15 seconds and change sides, starting with a normal side plank.

You can really get into a flow when you combine all levels of side planks.


To go into the downward facing dog, you start again from plank position: Just lift your bottom up and straighten your legs and arms.

Let your head fall forward between your shoulders and relax your neck. Hold the Downward Facing Dog for at least 30 seconds and go deeper into the position with every exhale. Make sure that your bottom is as high as possible, your breast moves towards your knees, your head hangs down relaxed, that your upper body is straight and your heels touch the ground.

To make it a bit more difficult, lift your left leg up and try to bring it in line with your torso and arms. Hold this pose for at least 15 seconds and try to lift your leg a little higher with every time you exhale. Repeat it with the other leg.

From this position, you can go into the Warrior Pose: Bring your left foot between your hands and lift your upper body up. Contract your abs, extend your left arm to the front, your right arm to the back and look in the direction of your left hand. Exhale, inhale and hold the pose for 30 seconds.

Place your right hand next to your left foot and go back into the Downward Facing Dog. Repeat with the other side.


The way to Upward Facing Dog is done in a flow. This combination of poses will help to open your chest and increases upper-body strength, which you will need for your next take off!

Make sure to contract your abs.

Start in plank pose and move your knees, chin and chest slowly towards the floor. Try to form an angle of 90° with your arms, whilst your elbows point back.

Then push your torso back up while keeping your arms parallel.  Keep your chin up, eyes to the sky and hold this pose for 30 seconds. Try to lengthen your spine and bend your back further every time you exhale. But don’t forget to inhale too 😉


With Garudasana we start the stretching part of our workout. This exercise will stretch your shoulder blades and your gluteal muscle.

This time you start standing upright, feet together: Straighten your left arm, place your right elbow on your left bizeps, twist your arms and place your left fingers on your right palm. The thumps should be facing towards your face. Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds and bring your arms up a little further every time you exhale. Repeat with the other arm.

To make Garudasana a little harder, place your left foot on your right knee. Bend your right knee and imagine you sit on a chair. Make sure your hips are parallel to your torso. Hold this pose for at least 15 seconds and change sides again.


To improve your mobility and strengthen your back muscles (for more and upright paddle power!) we now work on your spine rotation.

Start from standing and flow into a high lunge. Bend your left knee until it forms a 90° angle and straighten your right left leg and hold this pose for 15 seconds.

Take your right hand to your right ankle, make sure that your right arm is on the inner side of the leg and try to push with your right arm towards your right leg to find your balance. Open your chest and let your left arm point to the sky while trying to be in line with your shoulders. Look up to your left hand and try to really open up.
Hold this pose for 30 seconds and stretch your left arm further to the back every time you exhale. Don’t forget to change sides again!


With the last exercise, we will work on your spine mobilization, start again from standing, feet together.

Go down slowly, starting with your head, let your upper body fall slowly forward. Roll down your chin to your chest and continue with your spine. Roll it up slowly, vertebra by vertebra, until your hands can touch the ground.

Grab your ankles and keep your nose close to your knees. Hold this pose for 30 seconds and go deeper, while evenly inhaling and exhaling.
Make sure that your legs are straightened, if you can’t manage it, just put your hands higher.

Congrats, you’re done! If you want, you can repeat this workout once again. Or you choose the exercises, you liked the most. You’re feeling fit already? Then don’t loose time: Book your next surf adventure, grab your new surf bikini and catch the best wave of your life!