…with tropical greetings from Santa!

It’s only two weeks until christmas eve and you were too busy riding waves and eating cookies to think about some gifts for your loved ones? No problem: We just made a list with a few of our favourite Zealous products that scream for great adventures. With those gifts, you will not just make your surf buddies happy, but also bring the Bali feeling to your girl(s) back home.

So check out our Christmas Gift Guide and save santa the trip!


for colleagues & travel buddies

In need for some tropical vibes under the christmas tree? The Tropical Gypsy Tshirt is made out of super soft fabrics, which makes it the perfect choice for everyday. Plus: It comes with a palmtree print on the front and back and helps you to stay positive and spread good vibes!

Your surf buddie can’t stand all those “Oh my gosh, you are so tanned, have you been on holidays?” from people she sees once a year when coming home for christmas? Help her out with our favourite statement crop top:  Zealous X Zala Cuden: I Surf To Get Tan!

The brand new printed version of our Bali Guide makes the perfect gift for all adventure seekers and surfers who are looking forward to their very first Bali trip. And even those, who have been here before, will have a lot of fun while being reminded of the places to be on this island of gods.

We think there’s no need to explain why a small pouch in a girls backpack is ALWAYS a good idea, so we just point out: In case you know someone who still has nothing to store his surf zinc and beauty stuff in, check out our Make Up Bag Urban Jungle.


for sisters and best friends

Stripes are always a good idea, so check out our beloved Watermelon Longsleeve! With its fruity chest embroidery it is not just easily combined with jeans, but can also be used as a base layer for snowboarding.

Relaxing in a hammock and dreamig of summer days is your best friend’s favourite activity? Make her dreams come true with our Dream On TShirt, which is hand-dyed in summery pastel shades. #welove

Christmas is the perfect time to sparkle! Because we are not that much into diamonds, we created the lovely At Aloha X Zealous Palmtree Necklace together with our friends from At Aloha. Every piece of jewelry is handmade in Indonesia and the perfect gift for all adventurous girls.

Share this sustainable lifestyle with someone you like and give away a reusable water bottle for Christmas. The Zealous X Kleen Kanteen Bottle is made out of stainless steel, non-toxic, easy to clean and comes with a Tropical Gypsy engraving in the front for some aloha vibes!


for your love and yourself

We all know that life is better in a surf bikini, so treat yourself with a top of our brand new Ocean collection. The Shades Of Blue Signature Surf Bikini Top combines our favourite colour of the ocean with some stylish black-and-white stripes. And the best part of it? Just as every item from this collection, the bikini top is made from recycled fishing nets!

Ever heard a girl saying „If it’s too cold for shorts, I would always wear leggings!“ ? Be kind and make her wishes come true with our Sunday Leggings. With a palmtree print on the leg, this one is meant to make winter days feel like a walk at the beach. PS: Our favorite for travelling!

Winter days are made for cosy hours with your loved ones – just as our Good Vibes Sweatshirt! The soft, stonewashed cotton terry and the hand drawn artwork will make this one everybody’s favourite sweater. Good vibes included!

Your favourite surfer is already booking the next trip and needs the perfect backpack to carry all the stuff? Make his/her eyes sparkle and give away our practical Shapes Of Life Dry Backpack. With its 30L capacity, this dry bag is the best partner in crime for all adventures – on the water, at the beach or in the urban jungle.


xo, your Zealous Team