Soon after Marjolein started surfing 6 years ago, her world began to revolve around it. She loves not only catching waves but everything that comes with it: walking on the beach with her board under the arm, taking off on that last wave before the sun sets and all the childish fun that comes from jumping into the water. Although she does not really take part in official surf competitions, she is in a constant challenge with herself, trying to improve her skills every time she’s in the water. About the Zealous Surfbikinis she loves that “they do not come off at all and feel so good and comfortable.”

Since the beginning of this year she mostly lives in Mentawais where she is working at a beautiful surf resort that gives her the possibility to combine her work and passion. When she is not in Indonesia, she works seasonally in France. Marjolein is very happy and grateful for the beautiful people she has met and the crazy adventures she has experienced due to surfing.

Cheers to you, bikinis and barrels! X