Surfer, Windsurfer, Doctor…

Josi’s from the North of Germany. She started surfing around 10 years ago and windsurfing 4 years ago. During her medical studies, she spent her summers in France and winters on the Canaries, to get as much time surfing as possible. Since she works as a doctor in Germany, the main part of her water-activities switched from surfing to windsurfing. Living close to the Baltic sea allows her to spend every moment out of the hospital on or in the water.

Even if the quality of the baltic and north sea waves is often far from epic, she is not afraid to put on her 6mm wetsuit, booties and gloves to catch some rides. When traveling, Josi loves to head somewhere tropical. A perfect day for her would contain lots of good waves during sunrise, good times with friends and a coconut at the beach while watching yet another amazing sunset.

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