In love with a surf bikini

From way too much material to total freedom

Heidi is a passionate surfer and, as a digital nomad, lives the dream of a life by the sea. On her blog meerdavon she writes about the best travel destinations for surfers, surfing know-how and everything to do with the surf lifestyle. Here she tells about her surfwear evolution and how she finally found the perfect surf bikini.

“For me, surfing is simply the best thing you can do in the ocean. The feeling of riding a wave can hardly be put into words: happiness, adrenaline and complete freedom ... Well, at least if your surf clothes don't let you down! With bikini bottoms in the back of the knees and a half-bared upper body, it's only half as fun. That's why I hid in the water behind as much fabric as possible for years. Because more protects more, right? Complete bullshit. With the right surf bikini everything was different ... This is my story about an odyssey in the jungle of surf clothing! "

I love surfing, but what the hell am I wearing?

 "Six years ago I stood in Por tugal the first time on a surfboard. With a badly fitting wetsuit that made me shiver, and on top of it a faded and baggy Lycra from the surf school. Despite old booties, the sea urchins mistook the ball of my foot for a pin cushion. And yet: my love for surfing was inflamed! But I already knew then: As a summer child, I wanted to surf waves in warm water and do without a bulky wetsuit. To go surfing only in a bikini ... a dream! At least in theory. "

Tropical warm water ... and unwanted insights

“In the following years I was drawn to surfing in warmer areas - for example to Sri Lanka and Costa Rica. Although I only came to surf on vacation, I became a little more skilled with each surf session. There was only one thing that I learned very slowly about: how to best dress as a woman in the waves. My friend asked, aghast, “I've been surfing with board shorts and a rashguard for years. And everything is good. Why is it so complicated with you girls ?! ”Well, we surfer girls have curves that are harder to pack than an angular male body - and on which stretchy items of clothing are only too happy to flee in the wrong direction. Unwanted insights do not scratch a man or the line-up, but with girls everyone takes a closer look. I also tried countless board shorts and lycra shirts and kicked them all back in the bin. "

My surf clothing: a textile evolutionary story

rashguard has to be as body- hugging as possible to stay in the right place in the water - I knew that much. Some of these Lycra shirts also have a small loop at the hem to hold them with the ties of the board shortsconnect to. On the beach this combination always looked very casual, in the sea the sheer horror followed: the board shorts flickered, the lycra rolled up towards the sky despite the "anchor" and the bikini also slipped underneath. I had the choice between constant twitching or accepting that nothing was sitting right and squeezing everywhere. Back on land I was happy to be able to take off all the stuff. If only because the board shorts had rubbed my legs. Away with it! Board shorts were now casual pants.

The next summer I went into the water with a rashguard and regular bikini panties . I also linked the two with the loop. It didn't help: As soon as the bikini panties were hanging in the crack in the bottom, I had the salad and all the guys paddling by had fun. And the rashguard was still rolling happily up and down on my stomach. A little relief for me were swimsuits made of neoprene , which I put on in the following surf vacation. Since everything was made from one piece, nothing could slip. On slightly cooler days, 1 to 2mm rubber was quite comfortable. As soon as the sun hits you, for example when surfing in Balireally fried, a neoprene swimsuit was just way too warm. I would have loved to just go surfing in a bikini. But I just didn't trust these stains on the fabric.

First contact with a surf bikini: not the right one yet!

"Psssst! Tonight at camp! Surf bikini sale! "Please what? In Bali, a friend from the surf camp whispered this ominous message to me. It was at this kind of Tupperware party that I heard for the first time that there were bikinis specially designed for surfing - and happily rummaged through the colorful items with the other ladies. They had even less fabric than normal bikinis and were laced across the back. In the water, my first surf bikini from an unknown brand did quite well in small waves. In the case of big waves, the top slipped over my chest anyway ... And the panties, which were barely available for my taste, didn't exactly strengthen my self-confidence. What now? In the next few vacations I tested other surf bikini labels. None of them met my expectations and so I pulled out the swimsuit again.

Everything will be fine: The surf bikini expert gives me hope

On my last surf trip to Bali, I met Marie from the surfwear label Zealous . We hit it off immediately - and now I had to confess to her that the so-called "surf bikinis" were just empty promises for me. At first she looked at me in disbelief. And then began to smile ... The trained clothing engineer told me that her products were completely different . She would go into the water with it herself and have enthusiastic customers. Wouldn't I like to try one of her surf bikinis? I was skeptical and showed the specialist my collection of previously spurned surf bikinis. “You see, this one hasn't worked in any wider elastic bands at all. No wonder it slips ! ” I was amazed.“And these panties are made of an extremely stretchy material. That can only wear out. ” Hmmm. Should it be time to try again? Marie's surf bikinis always sold out super fast. So there had to be something to it. I took courage and bought one of the hot parts from her.

My Zealous Surf Bikini: The beginning of a great love

My new Zealous Surf Bikini was different from its predecessor in many ways : the top was cut more like a sports top at the front and had extra wide straps for lacing at the back. The panties were cut a little higher and wider than I was used to. Overall, the material was thicker, as it is a reversible bikini, and it was lined with rather stable elastic bands. I felt good. And threw me into the waters ...

What can I say: The Zealous Surf Bikini has held up in a wide variety of conditions so far ! In addition, it looks good and can be worn from both sides. Due to my positive experiences, I now own some models by Marie and finally dare to go into the water again only in a surf bikini! No more useless, slithering or slipping fabric. I feel free!

And if you are now wondering whether this positive opinion has been bought and you are reading a camouflaged advertising text: Nope! I am simply convinced!

Meerdavon & Zealous: Our first surf bikini collection together!

When I met the Zealous founder, I had just started my first online surf business with my Surf & Travel blog meerdavon . Marie's expertise and incredible career were so impressive that I asked her to share her expert tips for the perfect surf bikini in a personal interview. This article is one of the most popular posts on meerdavon today! Many friends and readers also confirmed that they were looking for the perfect surf bikini. And since Marie and I were on the same wavelength not only on land but also in the water and loved the same product, an idea quickly emergedborn: There just has to be a common surf bikini collection! What began as a crazy flash of inspiration is now being implemented!

coming soon…

The meerdavon x Zealous Capsule Collection is currently in production. There will be a braided surf bikini and a signature surf bikini in completely new and very limited color combinations. And already in spring - probably from March - they will be available exclusively from Zealous and the meerdavon shop! In order to stay up to date and to be one of the first customers, it is best to subscribe to meerdavon and Zealous (see footer) in the newsletter.

Stay tuned and be excited!

Heidi 🙂