Time flies! Can you already count the days?What to pack?? The struggle is real… Let us help you!


Packing List

Does the day of your departure to sunny and relaxing Bali come closer and closer? Did you already prepare your packing list? Not sure what you’ll need and what to leave at home? Are 15 t-shirts too much or not? Do you know what is absolutely necessary and what you can buy in Bali anyway?

Part Two of our Bali Guide consists of the ultimate packing list for your surf trip to paradise. We will lead you through what clothes and health products/toiletries, documents and electronic devices to bring and how to organize your hand luggage.

Our 3 girls Marie, Vero and Lisa from #TeamZealous sat down together to summarize their travel essentials. These are based on personal experiences as they travel a lot and have lived abroad several times. So they will know for sure what you will need as a European surfergirl as you, for example, can’t find tampons for less than 10€ in Indo.

Let us assist you to prepare your stress-free Bali trip and to make it even more enjoyable.

Let’s start!

First things first: What comes right to your mind when asking yourself what to pack? Of course… Clothes (right after your surfboard probably). Depending on the length of your stay the quantity changes. For a 2 weeks long vacation you don’t need 20 shirts.  We would recommend to pack less because you will most probably wear tshirts, shorts and flip flops only and shopping on the island can be very seductive. Just in case: Bali is cluttered with affordable laundries to get your dirty laundry cleaned.


Less is more…

- T-shirts & tank tops (7 to 10)

- Sweatshirts (1 or 2 for the flight or potential volcano trips. It also gets a bit chilly in the evening and on the motorbike in the months of June – September)

- Shorts, skirts and dresses (1 to 2 each, or as you prefer)Long pants or leggings (1 pair for the flight etc.)

- Underwear

- Sarong/Beachwrap (to cover up when visiting temples)

- Beachtowel

- Beachbag

- Flip flops (you will wear them every day for sure)

- Surfbikinis

- Rashguard or a 1.5mm neoprene shirt (in June – September it gets quite windy and can therefore be pretty chill in the lineup when you’re wet)

- Surfleggings (to protect your legs during the first surf sessions in the sun)

- Reefbooties/socks

- Sportswear (for yoga, beach bootcamp, workout etc.)

- Sports shoes and socks (for volcano trips, gym, long sightseeing tours, flight)

- Rainjacket (during rain season)


In Indonesia you can buy most medication over the counter and there are many pharmacies around. Of course there are a few exceptions like Gelomyrtol and proper nasal spray so if you need your special „western“ products, you better bring them with you. To have some kg less in your baggage it can make sense to buy shampoo, shower gel or body lotions here in Bali. They sell Pantene shampoo, Dove shower gel and Vaseline body lotions in every supermarket and prices are similar to the prices back home. But take care when you buy local products instead: Most of them contain whitening technology and will work against your tan 😉 So check what special products you will need and get the rest on the island.

We recommend you to bring the following items from overseas:

- Tampons (because the ones you’ll get here are nothing compared to OB’s and they are quite expensive: 10€ for 10 pieces)

- Condoms (the Asian ones are smaller, no joke!)

- Sunscreen (we use 110 SPF sport sunscreen for the face and birthmarks and 50 SPF for our body, when the skin got used to the sun switch from 50 to 30 SPF for the body. But stick to the 110 SPF for your face)

- Surf zinc (if you surf every day or even twice a day you might want to fully protect your nose and cheeks or even your whole face with surf zinc)

- Betaisodona cream (but you can still get the little yellow bottle of liquid Betadine here which is just a bit harder to handle)

- First-Aid kid for your surfing adventures and proper tweezers

- Antiseptic spray (which is hard to find here and it‘s good to have it if you scratch-open some mean moscito bites (20 bites per leg are no fun!)

It’s better to copy all your documents and deposit them in your hotel just in case you lose them.

- Passport

- ID

- Student card

- Emergency phone number, permanent and Bali address written on a paper in your wallet

- Vaccination certificate (a copy should be enough)

- 2 credit cards (it happens: ATMs love to give you cash first, then the receipt and then your card. Because it’s the other way around in our countries, we are likely to see the process of withdrawing money as completed subconsciously and forget the card in the machine. Sometimes they make a sound to remember you, sometimes they don’t. And you don’t want to be on the other side of the world without a penny!)

Put your credit card limit very high, because you don’t get any medical treatment before you pay. No, they don’t care whether your life is in danger.

Electronic Devices

- Phone incl. charger

- Camera incl. charger

- Laptop (in case you are going to work)

- Earphones

- Powerbank (no must-have but a nice-to-have if the electricity breaks down or you go on a long trip)

- Surf watch

PS: You don’t need an adapter for Bali. They use the same sockets as in Germany.


- Waxcomb and surfboard wax (can be bought here too)

- Surfboard, leash and fins (or just rent a board at the beach for about 50.000 IDR (3,33€) for 2hrs (or get better rates if you rent weekly/monthly)

- If you don’t wear glasses normally, bring some fake ones for riding your motorbike so that no flies, dirt or moscitos end up in your eyes. During the day you wear shades anyway

- Is your skin fair or gets burned quickly? Bring a cap or a sunhat.. do not underestimate the tropical sun!

- Download the XE-currency-app to quickly convert any currencies. Or you do mental arithmetic and divide the prices by 15.000 (for example 45.000 IDR : 15.000 = almost 3 Euro) or the more specific is Euro x 0,000071 = IDR

Hand luggage

Your hand luggage should contain the following items:

- Important documents (passport, boarding pass, address of your hotel/homestay,..)

- Cash in €/USD/IDR (for food at the airport, the Visa on Arrival,..)

- A book or a travel guideEarphonesSleeping mask

- Travel pillow

- Tooth brush + paste

- Oropax

- big scarf/blanket if the air condition on the aircraft is too cold

- One pair of underwear and a shirt (to change while travelling or in case your baggage gets lost.. you never know 🙁 )

- DVT stockings (Thrombosestrümpfe) or compression stockings

PS: Better put your valuables in your hand luggage (like camera, laptop and phone), just in case someone opens your check-in baggage or it is delayed. And don’t forget to lock your luggage!

Happy Packing 🙂