Surfer, Photographer and Board-Sport Enthusiast

Annika always wishes she would have started practicing all the board sports when she was younger, as she believes she would have become quite a pro :-P

She only really started surfing though when she came to Bali just 2,5 years ago! After trying to learn to surf on her own and eventually feeling like she was not progressing and even worried she was failing, she started professional lessons 2 years ago. First practicing on her longboard, then also moving to bigger waves and finally switching to shortboard 1,5 years ago. While hoping she would one day be able to surf Uluwatu, she now surfs almost every break in Bali (more or less successful). Surfing has become her main sport, and biggest passion while living on the island.

Annika has been our main photographer for the past years and we shot almost every collection of ours with her. She even has an underwater case for her camera and is now combining her love for surfing and photography!

Zealous Ambassador Annika Brandt surfing in Nusa Lembongan, Bali