Amélie Castain is our newest Team member. She is 25 years old and comes from the south-west French coast, the Basque country. This is where she grew up between mountains and the ocean. Needless to say that boardsports became a way of life for her. When she was only 6 years old, she surfed for the first time and still remembers the incredible feeling of this ride – which has never left her since then. When she travelled to the snowy mountains, of course she started skiing and snowboarding! Finally, at the age of 15, she discovered skateboarding. From this time on, Amélie didn’t want to walk anymore but cruise the road. About 10 months ago a wonderful friend introduced her to longskating which was a real revelation for her. On her longboard journey she’s found so many lovable friends and they are now managing their brand Alkemist Longboard together. While meeting a lot of wonderful people from all over the country and doing what she loves, she has also found a job that allows her to combine her passion of longboarding and education of webdesign and marketing.  We’re proud to have you in our team!

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