Bali Guide

Part Seven // what to do on a lay day

You have planned to go surfing, but the weather doesn’t play along or the waves don’t fit to your surf level? Let no grass grow under your feet cause Bali got plenty of treasures to offer!

In this blog post we give you some good tips on what to do if your beach and surf plans don’t work out. We focused on the area of Canggu and Seminyak, but we also give some advice for Ubud. If you are interested in getting more impressions of the Indonesian island life, we have also listed some other places around Bali that are waiting to get explored.


How to book

One option to explore Bali is to book a day trip online, as there are lots of offers available (e.g. in Facebook Bali Travel groups). These packages usually include a driver for about 8 hours and a sightseeing trip to the popular attractions in the chosen area.

Another option is to watch out for tourist information booths at the roadside. Their offers are pretty much the same like in the internet, but it’s possible to bargain.

If you stay in a hotel or homestay, you can always book day trips through them as well.